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    Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy


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    arrow Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

    Mesaj tarafından Str!k3R Bir C.tesi Mart 21 2009, 16:22

    Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

    You play as Jaden, the new protagonist in Jedi Academy. You previously played as Kyle Katarn, a strong yet reluctant Jedi, in the previous Jedi Knight games. Kyle has since joined Luke Skywalker as a teacher at the Jedi Academy and is looking for new students. You can actually customize Jaden's character. You can be male or female, choose from one of several different races, and wear different outfits. In any event, you also happen to be the most promising student in the new class. Apparently, you've even built your own lightsaber, which is highly abnormal as lightsabers are usually built during training.

    Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy cd1.part1.rar
    download: easy-share.com/3605521.html

    Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy cd1.part2.rar
    download: easy-share.com/3605531.html

    Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy cd1.part3.rar
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    Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy cd1.part4.rar
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    Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy cd1.part5.rar
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    Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy cd1.part6.rar
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    Stawars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy cd2.part1.rar
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    Stawars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy cd2.part2.rar
    download: easy-share.com/3605611.html

    Stawars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy cd2.part3.rar
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    Stawars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy cd2.part4.rar
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    Stawars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy cd2.part5.rar
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    Stawars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy cd2.part6.rar
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    Stawars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy cd2.part7.rar
    download: easy-share.com/3605661.html

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