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    ınfo Crimsonland

    Mesaj tarafından Str!k3R Bir Çarş. Şub. 04 2009, 13:40


    OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows NT
    Processor: PII-300
    Memory: 64 MB
    DirectX: Version 8.1
    Display: 8 MB

    Crimsonland's graphics can't be just measured by the battlefield alone, as I believe the menus and level-up screen are done very well too. However, the battlefield is definitely where it's at! The main character isn't very well described, and the gun of choice is hard to see as well, but you won't really be looking at your character much, as you will be running for your life, strafing in circles, firing bullets, ion, plasma, and other projectiles, towards hungry, slavering baddies. The monsters, are well enough detailed, but usually have a type, that features color changes depending on toughness. (Many games use this feature, like Alien Shooter for example.) The explosions and bullets of all different types however, my how they are beautiful! Don't let the 2d graphics fool you, 3d doesn't always mean better. 4/5 Stars for graphics, more personality in the main character and monsters would have warranted a 5.


    The sound in Crimsonland is very well used. The hypnotic fusion of blasting cannons and fast-paced adrenaline rock make for wonderful monster carnage. 4/5.


    This is it. This is why we bought this gem of a game. The pure idea of blowing away monsters has been done before, but to get it right, to make it fun, challenging, and easily repeatable with no loss in replay value? Not so. As you progress through the game, from pistol, to shotgun, to ion cannon, you will earn experience from your kills. These can be used to purchase "perks", which gives the game the flavor of an RPG. Deciding on the right perk at the right time, can save your life, or get you killed. It's your choice, which gives the game a more open feel, as there is no right or wrong way to go. 5/5 for Gameplay.




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    ınfo Geri: Crimsonland

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    saol oyun guzel ayıptır solemesı yenı konu nasıl acılıyor:)

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