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    Streets Of Moscow (2009)


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    Kayıt tarihi : 08/07/08

    arrow Streets Of Moscow (2009)

    Mesaj tarafından Str!k3R Bir Çarş. Haz. 10 2009, 21:00

    Streets Of Moscow (2009)

    The game takes the last time the fashionable street, illegal occupations of virtual drivers. Data for us is to sit the wheel 25 exclusive sports cars. Dechy to push the gas, and in the blink of an eye passing through the streets of the capital of modern Russia. Grafikom succeeded to a large extent mapped architecture of the city, especially its center.

    Races are held both day and after dusk. During the skirmishes with the computer plays an important role oponentami realistic model of damage to the vehicle. Each car has been broken down to several areas that may come into conflict with elements of the environment. Winning competitions is impeded by the adequate zau³kach militia. Officers pêdz¹cy in radiowozach skills often exceed even the opponents, taking off from us in the competitions. An additional obstacle in achieving satisfactory results, are for us frequent congestion.

    Victory in prestigious competitions are rewarded by high amounts, which opens before us the opportunity to buy new parts for our cars. The Adrenalin 2: Rush Hour, moreover, there is no shortage of RPG elements, which include developing the skills of our driver, as well as taking care of his fame in the area. In addition to the game modes for one player, allowing the flexibility to move around the city, the authors also zaserwowali us multiplayer option. From this you can wander the virtual space in the company of friends.

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